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Thermal Upgrades

) (cps are able to provide Technical support in respect of thermal calculations for thermal upgrades for higher capability from cooling towers and / or hybrid conversion for plume control.

) (cps we also offer a complete system design, undertake supply of ancillary equipment and even offer a demolition and installation service.

) (cps products and service is believed to be quite unique outside an OEM. To summarise through partnerships with the credible players indicated ) (cps offer a fully comprehensive design manufacture supply delivery and installation service of new capital plant cooling towers and condensers, plus a parts supply repairs and installation service for existing cooling plant. In addition to this a full ongoing support and consultancy service is available to assist in thermal related issues, system design, cooling plant layout, and the environmental impact.

) (cps have in-house expertise to provide a consultancy service related to all issues in respect of water cooling towers and their application.
Consultancy service