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Cooling Tower Installation, Maintenance, Servicing and Repair

) (cps are representatives for Evapco Europe BVBA in the UK & Ireland. We can offer the complete Evapco range of cooling equipment, including Open Circuit Cooling Towers, Closed Circuit Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers.

) (cps are Evapco UK & Ireland representatives with in-house engineers who are fully trained by Evapco Inc. and Evapco Europe, and are approved installers of Evapco equipment.

) (cps have expertise in all the major types of cooling tower and can provide everything from parts, maintenance, service and repair to complete cooling tower installation. Choose from the list of package cooling towers below or go to large industrial towers to review our expertise with larger cooling tower installations.

To compliment any of the above products we have extensive experience in supply and/or advice on plate heat exchangers, water treatment, filtration systems and field service works.

Cooling Tower Installation

) (cps installation expertise spans over 5 decades during which countless successful cooling tower application installation contracts have been undertaken for all market sectors on behalf of major Ltd companies and PLC’s including building services, process, petro-chem, power, food production, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Cooling Tower Maintenance

Cooling towers are one of the major pieces of plant on any industrial site and a key element to maintain production. It is imperative for maximum longevity and minimum down time that cooling tower maintenance is carried out by qualified experienced personnel. ) (cps is one of the few independent companies who have the in-house skills and knowledge to provide the ongoing maintenance of cooling towers.

Cooling Tower Service

The services provided by ) (cps are unique to the cooling tower market sector outside an OEM. Our technical abilities cover an in depth understanding of the thermodynamics, hydraulics, aero-dynamics, acoustics, applicable to cooling towers. This ensures correct design and material of construction are adopted on any application thus provided a full support package to our client base.

Cooling Tower Repairs

) (cps regularly undertake an in depth survey on cooling towers irrespective of size, design, material of construction or OEM and formulate a detailed report for critical repairs, medium and long-term issues that could result in premature structural failure and/or thermal performance loss. This enables planning to be put in place for repairs to ensure optimum efficient cooling tower thermal capacity and ongoing cooling tower reliability.